About Jennifer Noble

Learn how to open a store front bakery at The Ultimate Sugar Show with Jennifer NobleJennifer Noble is the owner of Cheeky Monkey Cake Company in Biloxi, MS. Jennifer comes from a very tight knit family that is incredibly large. She is one of seven and her mother is one of twenty children! Jennifer says “When you attend one of our family functions, you feel like one in a million…because you are one of a million!”

When she was growing up, Jennifer always had a love for all things sugar. Jennifer says she was always in the kitchen when her mother or father were making desserts, “but it never dawned on me that I could make a living at it. My career of choice was Entertainment Management and Ticketing. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated my hometown in 2005, I worked in the Casino and Entertainment Industry. When Hurricane Katrina took away my livelihood, I went to work at a local bakery and fell in love with the industry. I opened Cheeky Monkey Cake Company in 2011. Not long after opening, I became the Alternate Representative for the Mississippi Chapter of the International Cake Exploration Societe’. I am now in my second term as State Representative for the Mississippi Chapter of ICES and am thrilled to serve the organization as a Member of the ICES Board of Directors and the current Convention Chairman”.